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Those with demanding careers often don’t fit the stereotype of an individual struggling with addiction. Substance use affects people from all walks of life, however, and licensed professionals are at an increased risk due to factors such as high levels of stress from their job demands and everyday family life.

At first, many professionals can disguise their addiction without any damage to their professional reputation or family life. As their substance use continues, they may be reluctant to seek treatment for fear of losing their license or professional status. Over time, a sense of guilt, shame or self-judgment may pervade their thinking and make it difficult to admit they need help.

At Journey Hillside Tarzana, we understand the unique needs of professionals with high-stakes careers. We have developed a specialized Impaired Professionals program with a reputation for intensive care that balances career and recovery. By expertly managing the concerns of licensed individuals our skilled specialists are able to ensure that residents can maintain their professional status, get the help that they need and safely return to their careers and families.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Impaired Professionals Program?

Professionals in sensitive positions that demand a high level of accountability, safety and responsibility often have obligations and commitments that may prevent them from getting help. The same factors that drive professional success may also predispose some individuals to substance use. A desire for achievement, an unwillingness to give up and the ability to endure may contribute to the development of harmful coping mechanisms. After working hard to build a career and establish a trustworthy reputation, they may fear that seeking treatment for chemical dependency will jeopardize their livelihood. For these individuals, seeking addiction treatment is more complicated than simply picking up the phone.

At Journey Hillside Tarzana, we developed a reputation for providing comprehensive, discreet care for professionals struggling with addiction. We understand their unique concerns and treat professionals from a variety of fields, including:

Professionals we treat

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Therapists and psychologists
  • Pilots
  • Business executives
  • Attorneys
  • Veterinarians
  • Government officials
  • Law Enforcement/First Responders

The goal of the Impaired Professionals track is to assist residents in achieving sobriety and maintaining their professional status. Key members of each individual’s team offer thorough knowledge and expertise in licensure and employment concerns, ensuring that our residents can return to work after completing the program. Our staff is highly experienced in working hand in hand with professional licensing boards. This ensures that every element of the licensing disciplinary process is fulfilled so that the resident may resume their profession in good standing.

What to Expect from the Impaired Professionals Program

At Journey Hillside Tarzana, we understand the difficulties that licensed professionals must overcome in recovery. To address these concerns, our individualized treatment plans utilize flexible, evidence-based modalities and a multidisciplinary approach directed by an expert team highly skilled in addiction medicine.

Our experienced team is adept at managing the substance use issues of the professional population and delivers a high level of care in a comfortable, quiet setting. Our clinical environment also facilitates interaction among residents in the Impaired Professionals program, providing accountability and targeted support from peers.

Residents who enter the Impaired Professionals program receive a detailed evaluation to identify and understand any contributing factors that lie at the root of their substance use. Professionals in a wide range of careers have unique challenges and stressors that they face on a daily basis, such as:

Unique challenges and stressors professionals face on a daily basis

  • Stress management
  • Financial pressures
  • Professional reputation
  • Career restoration or preservation
  • Expectations of licensing board monitoring programs
  • Work/Life balance
  • Mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression or trauma
  • Family Demands/Ultimatums

What Happens Upon Completion of the Impaired Professionals Program?

By taking into account the specific needs of professionals struggling with addiction, we help our residents preserve their careers and return to their chosen profession upon completion of the program, provided that it is safe to do so. Residents will receive a thorough evaluation to determine their post-treatment needs and assess their degree of readiness in returning to work. This includes comprehensive monitoring to provide structure and accountability, which many residents find helpful during early recovery. Upon completion, residents will be provided with referrals for continued care such as outpatient treatment, individual and/or family therapy, and other resources to support their long term recovery.

Throughout the treatment process, Journey Hillside Tarzana maintains close contact with professional and licensing boards as well as referring organizations. These entities will receive a diagnostic summary of your progress in recovery, which includes treatment recommendations, notification of completed requirements and aftercare plans. Our relationship with these institutions allows us to advocate for you and ensures a smooth transition back to your career after treatment.

Why Should I Choose Journey Hillside Tarzana’s Impaired Professionals Program?

Choosing a treatment center with a program that focuses on the unique needs of professionals is crucial for career preservation and achieving sustainable sobriety. We understand the importance of maintaining your license and professional status, so our Impaired Professionals treatment adheres to guidelines set by state licensing authorities and professional help programs such as Physician Health Programs (PHPs), Lawyer Assistance Programs (LAPs) and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

The specialized treatment options at Journey Hillside Tarzana provides comprehensive, confidential care to help residents return to their careers with their license, reputation and sobriety intact.

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At Journey Hillside Tarzana, we are committed to providing care for a variety of residents with differing needs, backgrounds or goals. We wholeheartedly believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to recovery and strive to provide care that goes beyond standard treatments. Our expert team of licensed professionals is uniquely qualified to treat individuals with high-stakes careers and help them rediscover life without drugs or alcohol.

If you, a colleague or someone you care about needs to seek treatment for substance use, contact or call Journey Hillside Tarzana in Los Angeles, California, today to learn more about our Impaired Professional program and how it can help.

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